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It has been two months since the premiere of the season finale of one of the most impressive and popular Television series of the last decade: Game of Thrones. This fan-favorite was based on the saga of books, Song of Ice and Fire, written by America writer George RR Martin. Directed by David Benioff and DB Weiss, this story consists of seven kingdoms fighting each other for the Iron Throne. While the series was based on the book, directors had the freedom to impose their own visions. Which version was better is up to you, the viewer. 

Taking hold of viewers across the country, Game of Thrones was bigger than anyone could have expected. So much so that its effect on society has been considered by many to be a phenomenon in its own right. While the views of each episode and the engagement about the series on social platforms is enough to consider the series a phenomenon in its own right, music has also become a part of it all. 

According to a statement released a few days before the series finale, the soundtracks and playlists related to the series on Spotify reached 380 million views, a feat that not many have imagined, let alone surpassed. A feat that undoubtedly proves the impact of the series on the public. 

With each passing day, a new cover of the introductory song of the series, composed by Ramin Djawadi, was released. Even after the finale, artists of all genres and nationalities would share their own versions of this popular track. This now solidified piece of pop culture has transcended Venezuelan music, with versions featuring the Venezuelan cuatro. 

One group, formed by Gerardo Estrada (playing the violin), Eddy Diaz (playing the bandola and bass), Nelson Gonzalez (playing the Venezuelan instrument, the cuarto), and Luis Morillo (playing the maracas), launched one of the first Venezuelan covers to the introductory song in 2016. Watch their 4-minute cover video here.

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