Guataca is a non-profit music organization whose mission is to spread the musical talent of Venezuelan musicians across the globe. The concerts showcase the musician’s talent through concerts that are held in the six countries that the company is located in: Venezuela, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Panama, and the United States.

The artists create an open space and atmosphere that allow for dialogue between them and viewers. Cultures and perspectives are exchanged allowing onlookers to take a piece of what they saw home to share with their friends and families. Through this talent sharing, watchers are able to taste a bit of the Venezuelan culture.

Guataca has promoted some of the best Venezuelan musicians that the 21st century has to offer. They have backed Latin Grammy-nominated C4 Trio,  Miguel Siso, Anglo-Saxons, and Joropo Tuyero. Most recently, Miguel Siso’s album Identidad won the category for Best Instrumental Album in the 2018 Latin Grammys. The work was the first Venezuelan album to win the prestigious award.

With more than 140 concerts a year that showcase Venezuelan traditional music, Guataca’s  goal will always be to share the talent and musical abilities of the country. Ranging from jazz to pop and everything in between, every concert has showcased worldly fusion sounds with the traditional beats of Venezuela.

Guataca’s first contribution as a record production company occurred in 2005 with the release of “La canción de Venezuela” where Aquiles Machado and Aquiles Báez played national pieces. Since then, they have had their hand in the production of over 20 albums. Then in 2010, the musical platform expanded its abilities to include Noches de Guataca, a series that promotes new and existing musicians through weekly concerts.

A few years later in 2013, the Caracas Festival in Contratiempo was created. The annual gala is held in the capital and brings focus to the growing musical movement in the country. It is a time where many can witness the representation of the different cultures that make up the country.

It wasn’t until 2014 that the international expansion truly began for Guataca. It was then that Guataca Nights was created in New York, Barcelona, Miami, Panama, Madrid, Houston, and Orlando. Through the expansion, many were more easily able to see the passion that so many Venezuelan artists have for their music.

In 2018, a book was released to highlight the first ten years of Guataca history. It emphasizes the meeting between musician and promoter Aquiles Báez and entrepreneur and manager Ernesto Rangel, both two men who love and want to share Venezuelan music.

Guataca’s objective is to develop new artists, promote their work, and support their initiatives globally. The company looks to help talented musicians by assisting with production, holding concerts, and promotions. Above all else, Guataca aims to deliver a unique experience for everyone.


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