Ilan Chester to Perform in Houston

Latin Grammy winner Ilan Chester, of Cerro Ávila, is one of the most talented and acclaimed Venezuelan artists in our history. Chester will arrive on the stage of Guataca Houston on Friday, June 5, at 8:00 pm to offer a recital at the Stafford Civic Center as part of his Vuelve a Casa tour.

On December 15, Ilan offered an anthology show at the Concha Acústica de Bello Monte in Caracas, where he performed for his audience, his people, his country. “The relationship that was established from my music with three generations of Venezuelans implies a responsibility that I take seriously,” he said then to start the tour.  

The show, Vuelve a Casa, presented in a quintet format, aims to celebrate romance. It tells the story of the romance between an artist and an audience through songs that remain indelible in the collective memory. 

Cerro Ávila, Eres una en un millón, Es verdad, Ojos verdes, Palabras del alma…

There are many works of genius that cannot be left out of their recitals.

Ilan Chester celebrates his 35-year musical career, ever since his first album Canciones de Todos Los Días, was published back in 1983. This album is how his music career and fame took off, but this was not his first experiment in the music industry. Ilan has also formed and been a part of various bands, including Azúcar Cacao y Leche, and Grupo Way, and Ananta. He led a band named Melao, in which he released an LP and opened for Queen at the Poliedro de Caracas in 1981. 

Live, Ilan usually performs his greatest hits. Songs like Historia de un Buen Día, Daniela, Máquina, and others feed his setlist. Often performing Por Alguien Como Tú (Carlos Moreán), Anhelante (Pollo Sifontes), Viajera del Río (Manuel Yanes), as well as parts of Cancionero del Amor Venezolano (1998, 2000, 2005).

A devotee of Krishna, Ilan Czenstochowski Schaechter, was born in Jaffa, Israel in 1952, and arrived in Venezuela with his family the following year. The artist, having an extensive vocal range, soon demonstrated his ability to play the piano and write songs. Ilan’s musical influences included Jewish, Italian, French, and Caribbean music, as well as the blues and R&B. Ilan admired musicians like Ray Charles, the Beatles, and Simón Díaz. 

Though he was often called “The Musician of Venezuela,” Ilan always doubted the title until, in 2010, he took the first Latin Grammy of his country. He won in the Best Traditional Album category for his outstanding compilation Tesoros de la Música Venezolana. In 2017, the Venezuelan, then living between the United States and India, returned to the gala to receive his Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, an award that recognizes his significant contribution to the musical art of Venezuela and the world.

The Event:
Ilan Chester: Vuelve a Casa
Friday, June 5, 8:00 pm
Stafford Civic Center in Houston, United States
1415 Constitution Ave, Stafford, TX 77477
Info: IG @guatacahouston


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