Guataca Nights NY: Nella Rojas

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In New York, Nella Rojas took the stage and delivered a harmonies performance. In a time, where music shows are filled to the end with dazzling light shows and sounds, she truly follows the saying “less is more.” Her show simply focused on her.

Nella Rojas is a young Venezuelan, a native of the Nueva Esparta state. She performed at Joe’s Pub, in New York, a theatre that has a rich history filled with magnificent musical memories.

The concert was the highlight of a tour that took her to Margarita, Caracas, and Panama, she was accompanied by Aquiles Baez on guitar, then to Miami to Mexico City.

With the anticipation that her show was going to be sold out, the theatre began to slowly fill with patient patrons. La Guataca Nights had two other special presences there for the night. One was Ilan Chester, a renowned Venezuelan composer, pianist, and singer, who was just as admired as Nella. The second individual was Paquito D’Rivera, a musical legend, who would respond to every joke the interpreter had during the concert.

The night was a special one to remember. The performance included her singing Ay Amor. During the intro of the song, Nella mentioned that even though she wanted to talk about her stories, and her experiences time was beginning to run out for the show. That instead she preferred that her music speak in her place.

As a closing for the show, they performed Me Llaman Nella and Se Muere Por Volver. Me Llaman Nella was a popular hit through its melody, and video. The final song Se Muere Por Volver was what brought Nellas voice to Spain, and to the world through the film “Everybody Knows”

Even with all the additional performers, the night was still clearly for Nella Rojas, the women who had captivated many. She had exploded online, becoming very popular. Her voice being heard thousands of time over, even across the oceans. Being able to listen to her voice was an experience on its own.

From the island of Margarita to Manhattan, and to the rest of the world that wants to listen, Nella Rojas, is a star that shines through and through. She is a vibrant woman who was formed under the right of female pop stars like Christina Aguilera, and she is here to stay.

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