Guataca Nights: Hector Molina

Originally found on and written by Gerardo Guarache Ocque.

This post is in no way claiming that Ernesto Rangel is the original author. Rather, as a Co-Founder of Guataca Nights, he is spotlighting both a great musician (Hector Molina) and a great writer (Gerardo Guarache Ocque) by sharing this content and spreading word of these two great talents.

Héctor Molina is a Venezuelan composer by heart. His passion for music truly began in 1992 when he started to study the subject at the Fundación Coral Niños Cantores of Mérida. He originated as a singer, then in 1994, he began to become interested in playing the guitar and cuatro. He self-taught himself, and with his group started to travel across the country performing. In 1997, the band played internationally, which would include playing in Italy and Germany.

In 1998, he went to Colombia for a tour and the following year did one in France. Throughout those years he also completed numerous national tours. After the performances were finished, he recorded “El Malmandao” which would be his first album.

Héctor is an experienced and talented musician who over the course of his life has performed for many, and has gained invaluable experience playing. His album Giros plays off as almost a biography. It contains music that shows the kinda musician Héctor is, with pieces that were written, when he was solo, as part of a group, and his time as a cuatrista and guitarist. The album is filled with unpublished creations.

This album has a sense of family as well, with many of them relating to those that are dear to him. One such song was “Canción Para Andrés” which was dedicated to his son. This song is tackled by both Andres and Yaritzy Cabrera.

Another song is “Los Moliguti” which is written for his uncles and cousins who had helped him when he went to Caracas to study music, as thanks for their support. For that song, he brings in the talents of Noel Mijares, Héctor Hernández, and Joel Martínez. One of the other personal pieces on the album is “Cenén” which was composed for his mother, and with that piece, he felt especially committed to creating something significant.

Héctor has shared the stage with many, such as Marta Gómez, and Oscar D’ León. He has also shared it with many symphonies, such as the Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, and the Symphony Orchestra of Utah.  In 2001 he began to reside in Caracas, where he was able to join “Multifonía.” Through this opportunity, he gained more experience as a composer and arranger. Héctor has been shaped by all the things that he has done and is an amazing Venezuelan musician.  

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