Guataca: Jess Rebolledo Will Expand the Borders of the Venezuelan Four

The young cuatrista and composer Jess Rebolledo, winner of the third place in the most recent edition of the festival La Siembra del Cuatro, will interpret the national instrument in Nights of Guataca concert series on February 16 at 11:00 am in Espacio Plural of the Trasnocho Cultural.

Rebolledo, a student of sound engineering and music production, also explains that he seeks to explore the versatility of the cuatro in different styles of music, including the commercial genre, and in genres where it is generally not present such as pop and so-called “urban” music.

“I take advantage of the resources of this instrument in its acoustic and electrical aspects, and I mix them with additional resources such as multi-effect pedals and loops,” explains Rebolledo. In his concert, entitled Connection, Rebolledo performs both vocal and instrumental songs, most he has composed himself, with the accompaniment of Samuel Fuentes on drums and Martín Figueroa on bass. There will also be the Anakena duo, with vocalist Jessenia de Oliveira, and Atípico, with violinist Aquiles Hernández and the mandolinist Jorge Torres.

Rebolledo trained academically with the Juan José Landaeta National Conservatory of Music and at Ars Nova. He has also studied performance with Héctor Molina of the C4 Trío, Miguel Siso, and José Lunar. He is currently working on the production of his first solo album and is a member of Con-7-Corde, an ensemble that makes French music with Venezuelan instrumentation.

Guataca invites its audience to explore with Jess Rebolledo the enormous sound capacity of the Venezuelan four on February 16 at 11:00 am in the Plural Space of the Cultural Trasnocho in Caracas. Tickets on sale at Ticketmundo. For more information, follow our social networks: @GuatacaOficial (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook).

Translated by Ernesto Rangel

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